As seen at MG92 Knebworth in June 1992 celebrating 30 years of the MGB:

September 2019 - Jamie Furia sent me this picture: He writes that a friend has owned the John Hill's car since the late 90s and has done some minor restoration and recommissioning, and was wondering if I had any other pictures. This was taken when they went on a MG run to Eastbourne a couple months ago:

I don't have any more of that car, but I did take this at the Duxford 'Sky's the Limit' MGOC Picnic in October 1994. Jamie writes that this one was offered for sale at the same time as the white GT by Maidstone Sports Cars, but registered as a 'coupe' which put the purchaser off. However I've read of a few cases where a GT has been rebodied as a roadster and registered as a 'coupe'. Maidstone write "As for off-road performance - anyone who witnessed its display at MGOC 'Sky's the Limit' picnic at Duxford will vouch for its unstopability" however this one had to be towed out by a tank recovery vehicle after very definitely getting stuck:

December 2019: Holly White from the MGOC forwarded an email from George Martin in Colchester who wrote "In response to Paul Hunt's letter and photo in December's EMG, I was at the Duxford picnic in October 1993 (not 94 as Paul says) and took the attached photos of the two monster B's. This proves that there were actually 2 cars, not 2 bodies sharing a chassis. I wonder what happened to the green roadster?"

But going back through my EMGs the picnic was held in both years - October 3rd 1993 and October 2nd 1994. The September 94 issue carries an ad for the 1994 event with a picture of both cars in the mud, which must have been taken in 1993:

George sent these images:

Browsing Google images I found a couple more of Jamie's friends car - this one had the original wheels:

Whereas this one has the current wheels so is almost certainly more recent:

February 2020 the same car crops up again again, with a new owner asking if I have any more information on the car. Despite various changes over the years (wheels, headlight trim) one consistent feature has been the lack of windscreen trim:

The Grand Tour (Top Gear as-was) came up with this one on a Discovery chassis:

Google Images came up with these others: