Arch Guards

A bit blingy being carbon-fibre, adhesive strip to stick to the wing flange shown on the lower one. The holes line up with trim fixings used to hold the arch liner in place. 'Ware fingers, corners and edges are sharp!:

Set of four trim-removal tools an optional part of the kit, might as well for another £4:

Get several clamps ready to clamp the guard to the arch when ready, they need to be left in place for about 12 hours or over-night. Ideally at least three of these per side, I only have two altogether so used pegs for the others. Unless you remove the wheels you will need to put the steering on one lock to do one arch and the other lock to do the other, which means doing one one day and one the other, and being a low-use car that is what I opted to do. The flange is only narrow so both clamps and pegs tend to ping off, but the 'feet' of the clamps can be removed so I removed one from each and that 'leg' went behind the flange and the remaining 'foot' lies square on the guard. I trimmed the end of one 'leg' of the pegs to do the same. You can 'dismantle' the peg and bend the spring back on itself so that when reassembled it grips tighter:

The long trim tool forked end lifts the centre out of the clip, then the clip outer can be removed. I might be easier to pull the centre out altogether (not losing it ...) than try to judge how far it can remain inserted while removing the outer. Do a trial fit of the guard - DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTION STRIP FROM THE ADHESIVE STRIP AT THIS STAGE, under the arch guard where the trim clips go then insert the clip outers, and make sure the adhesive strip is going to line up with the face of the wing flange.

Do not fit the guards unless the weather is dry and above 10C or they may not stick properly.

Remove the guard and use one of the wipes to carefully clean the face of the wing flange, I used four surfaces of each wipe on each flange to be sure.

Heat the adhesive strip with a heat gun until the back of the guard is hot. Refit the guard and insert the trim-clip outers (arrowed), and only now remove the protection strip on the back of the adhesive strip. Position the top of the guard so the adhesive strip lies along the wing flange for maximum overlap, and apply the clamps. Refit the trim-clip centres:

Installed, arch trim clips arrowed: