Front Anti-roll Bar

First break of the original in May 2016. Welded, it broke again in June, so was replaced with a new one.

Replacement broken in the same way, after just four months.

What seems to be a minimal weld, probably just a spot-weld i.e. the two components held together while a high (not high enough) current is passed through the joint

FOC replacement looks just the same, so I'll get it reinforced. OK, the breakages are probably down to the traffic calming 'pillows' we have to suffer round here, but I have no choice but to drive over at least one of them, and a significant detour to avoid another four.

Finding a 5/8" bar on eBay (the original RB V8 bar was 9/16" but the CB was 5/8" so should be fine) I decide to swap that and then see how the drop-links go. It came without pivots or end-stops, but the bushes were good. New pivot rubbers (1B 4526) are cheap enough at under 2, but annoyingly I forget that the Ron Hopkinson pivots and straps are rounded, but the originals ('straps' BHH 2000) are angular. Never mind, the RH ones do for the time being, at less than 2 the P&P on the correct ones is more so they can wait for a supplier visit. Being thinner this time I have some suitable hose so use that with Jubilee clips for end-stops to prevent sideways movement.

Factory pivot straps top, RH lower - one hole on the latter slotted to aid fitting the second bolt. The factory straps have to be checked against the chassis rail holes and 'adjusted' to suit before attempting to fit the bolts.