Controlling Running-on

Solution 1
Solution 2

Solution 1: One of the Tees in the overflow/vent pipes (circled) ...

... and the two connected together with the vacuum hose Teed off that

Anti-runon vacuum hose via the after-market anti-runon valve Teed into the servo vacuum hose. A bit of ingenuity required to connect what was the filtered fresh-air inlet of the valve to my vacuum hose going to the vent pipes.

Restrictor in vacuum hose

Easy access to the restrictor after installation, but once set up I have never (eight years at the time of writing) found it necessary to alter it.

Solution 2: Manifold plug

Adapter port 12H1405

Adapter modified by cutting down the thread and fitting copper pipe in place of the original port, and sealing ring.

Installed to engine. I've left the bracket on the body of the valve for the time being, in case it needs to go back in it's original position on the firewall. The hose is an offcut from the length originally supplied with the valve, and is very rigid so there shouldn't be an issue with the valve flapping about. If there is I can rotate the valve in the hose and use an L-shaped bracket to bolt it to the rocker-cover nut under the heater return pipe.