June 21st-23rd - Fort William and Ben Nevis.

Well the mountain was there yesterday ...

Wet-weather gear from the start

Cloud base practically on the valley floor, and this is barely above sea-level

Just about to lose all sight of anything but the immediate surroundings, and we aren't even 1/4 the way up

About 3/4 the way there, the first patch of snow

The Yeti approaches ... Keep going Naeem, nearly there

At the summit trig-point, abandoned observatory building in the background

Snow-bunting cadging crumbs at the summit

About 1/3rd the way back down and the cloud-base has lifted a lot during the day, even though the weather at the summit was worsening

Half-way back and still smiling, the first of the '3 peaks' challengers with it all left to do

A glimpse of the views we could have had the day before or the day after

Definitely a 'wet stone' day

Amazing how a good meal and a pint can perk you up

High ground with snow patches visible from sea-level next day