October - The MG RV8

Described as 'What the MGB could have become if it had been allowed to develop further'. Detail of a wheel. The MG RV8 was unveiled to the public at the Birmingham, UK, Motor Show. A common complaint was that the drivers eye-line was too high and could be obscured by the sun-visor or top rail. Having sat in a GT with new seat foams it's probably just a case of MGB drivers having forgotten what a new seat foam feels like!

October - Brooklands, MGOC Picnic

Richard Noble being interviewed
with Rivers-Fletcher on the right. Cold, wet and windy, but a good day out. Loads to see in the aircraft museum, including the painstaking rebuilding of a Wellington bomber that had lain at the bottom of a Scottish loch for dozens of years. Watching the various techniques of drivers on Test Hill was interesting - the hill has a gradually increasing incline, and it is tempting to change up one gear too many on the lower half, only to find that the car runs out of puff before it gets to the top! Highlight was a talk by Richard Noble on his Land Speed Record in Thrust II.

June - MG92 celebrating 30 years of the MGB

T-type concourse John Hill's land-rover-based 4X4 MGB MGs as far as the eye can see
'Bee' in the middle distance Our first MG event, a very large static show at Knebworth with a thousand or more MGs. Only saw one other Black Tulip though, complete with child-seat mounted on the front passenger seat and navigator perched on the rear shelf.