August 7th - Duxford Classic Car Show

"Harry's Gun", an example of the 2pdr anti-tank gun with which he destroyed four enemy tanks in a rearguard action at Dunkirk.

Images from the American display

"A Dakota" I thought, until I read the caption which described it as C47, not even a DC3. Reading further I see that the Military version was the C47, the commercial the DC3, but it was designated 'Dakota' by the RAF.

A bit of the Berlin wall.

Images from the flying display (pushing things a bit for my compact camera). ME109 chasing a Spitfire ... surely the wrong way round.

Fast pass by the 109

Needs no caption

Mustang and Spitfire

De Havilland Rapide, a very elegant little craft

Taxiing back after a stint displaying, nice and close to the perimeter fence

Some lucky begger getting a ride in a 2-seater

Flying Fortress 'Sally B', aka 'The Memphis Belle' since appearing in the film of that name

Images from the Brit hanger

Looking towards the cockpit of Concorde

Harrier, which saw action in the Falklands war:

Victor tanker, as used for the Falkland Islands bomber raids:

Short Sunderland Flying Boat - this was the ultimate Airfix kit when I was a boy

Last but not least, Shackleton Coastal Command early warning system, a development of the Lancaster bomber, in service until the 1990s ... to be replaced by the Nimrod, which is a development of the Comet (why change something that works?)