Front Springs

Bee now with the A-arms and steering arms (latter not visible) angled slightly downwards.

Comparison (left to right) of original roadster springs, used CB GT springs removed from the roadster, probably original springs removed from the V8, and new springs waiting to go into the V8. Note that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th items are all the same part. The original roadster springs free height seems hardly to have changed at all, much less than the GT springs from the roadster in only 10 years and 27k miles. Note also that not only are the new springs considerably higher than spec, to the tune of nearly half an inch, but the very old ones removed from the V8 are also slightly higher than spec, which really doesn't seem right. And despite there being little more than a third of an inch difference in free heights between the old and new V8 springs, the difference on the car after a shakedown run was nearly an inch.