Gear Lever

3-synch gearbox - spring (19) pushes the lever (14) into the socket, cover (20) compresses the spring, and circlip (21) locks the cover in position:

4-synch gearbox - the retaining plate is secured with three special bolts and Thackery washers into the remote control housing:

Shouldered bolt and Thackery washer. The bolt tightens through the retaining pate and washer onto the gearbox casing, compressing the spring of the washer, which presses the retaining plate down onto the large ball of the gear-lever, pressing it into the socket in the casing:

Anti-rattle bush, with the slit arrowed:

An original bush on the left with a significant chamfer to aid insertion into the remote control lever, once the bush has been fitted to the ball-end of the cabin lever. The one on the right is a replacement with virtually no chamfer and was impossible to fit, until I cut more of a chamfer:

Two locating pins and damper on a pre-77 4-synch, 77 and later only have one slot in the ball and hence only one locating pin:

4-synch gear lever with a rearwards kink ...

... but no sideways kink, and two guide slots ... which means the gear lever could be installed the wrong way round:

Orientation of lever seating plate 22B524 on a 4-synch

Raised portion on the left

1977 and later manual switch on the gear knob (Upgrades4MGs and WorthPoint)

Lever with thickened section, said to be a harmonic damper, but there are still complaints that this knob buzzes. Guide pin slot on one side only (not visible here) so the lever can only installed in the correct position:

The retaining plate DAM2576 for the above lever: