Unleaded Head Conversion

Studs out!

Old rocker shaft. Obviously been fretting in the pedestal despite the shims under the middle pair.

Looks to be quite a noticeable 'step' on the edges of the rocker areas, but barely detectable with a finger-nail, and only measuring about half a thou.

Head ready to go back on

Tied the bonnet back to give me more room when lifting the head in, as well as get the strut out of the way when working on the carbs.

Block cleaned up

Studs and gasket fitted ...

... head dropped on ...

... push-rods, rocker shaft studs and shims fitted ...

... rocker-shaft fitted and all torqued down.

Alternator-side ancillaries and cooling parts fitted. Gold definitely not a good match, hopefully it will get toned down with a bit of muck and oil on it.

Manifolds on ...

New heat-shield fitted with spacers.

Note the spacers are handed, the wrong way round prevents them fitting flush, the projection on the side of the spacer fouls the raised part of the pressing.

Carbs fitted ...

... and refitted when I realised I had forgotten the fuel pipe support brackets! Cables and plumbing attached.

Ready to fire up dry to make sure oil is getting through to the rockers.

Ready to roll.