Headlamp Types
Chrome bumper - sealed beam without pilot, item 7: (Moss Europe)

Rubber bumper to 76 - sealed beam with pilot part of headlamp connector BAU2111, item 8: (Moss Europe)

Item 8 above: (Matthew Bolt)

Shines through a window in the sealed beam unit: (Matthew Bolt)

Rubber bumper 77 on - H4 halogen bulb (item 23) and pilot (24) separate from headlamp connector. Note: Halogen conversions are probably of this type: (Moss Europe)

However there is some confusion over the sub-harness for this headlamp arrangement. Moss use the same generic part number BAU2111 as for the sealed beam unit but the pilot light on that probably won't shine through the hole in the halogen reflector, the bulb holder needs to be 'loose' on its two wires. For the halogen arrangement Moss show the pilot bulbholder (24 above) as BBU1738 (NCA) that is just a bayonet bulb holder with no arrangement to attach to the halogen reflector. If you click on the halogen bulb connector (23) that comes up with the sub-harness complete with pilot light bulb holder BAU2111X. They also have BAU2111W pictured below which includes the rubber boot, available separately as BAU1770A. The pilot light wires pass through two small holes in the boot, if you need to replace either item or both you would have to cut and rejoin wires, so BAU2111X is preferable if either the boot or the sub-harness needs to be replaced.

Note: In August 2023 Moss Europe are supplying BAU2111x with pressed bullets that are way smaller than the standard Lucar connectors, they are also longer so would leave uninsulated portions outside the connector which is a shorting risk even if 'adjusted' to fit. All the wires including the headlight wires are very thin which means they have limited current carrying capacity, and don't come with the rubber boot so damage to the reflector from damp is quite likely. If you purchase the boot separately then you have to cut the parking light wires to feed them through, then reconnect. Moss say they will get their supplier to fit the correct bullets, but that still leaves the other issues. Other suppliers may have used the same source.

Another aspect is the position of the pilot light in halogen headlights. Vee's left and a Moss H4 unit to replace one with a cracked glass on the right - pilot light below the halogen bulb and very slightly to the near-side (when viewed from the front) of the centre-line:

Simon B's - what he believes to be an original on the left and a replacement on the right. All (Simons and Vee's) orientated the same - the original pilot lower down and positioned slightly towards the off-side (from the front) of the centre line, the replacement positioned closer to the halogen (as mine), but positioned a lot further to the off-side.

As if that wasn't enough Adam Liptrot bought a replacement and the reflector plus bulb and connector was too deep to fit in the bowl, as on the left compared to the original on the right. He had to buy another which had a silver back:

Helping Geoff Turner with lighting he ended up in the same position as Adam Liptrot having purchased two Wipac S8000 headlamps complete with halogen and pilot bulbs and rubber boot - which seemed like a good idea at the time. This unit is just over 5" from the face of the lens to the ends of the bulb spades. The pilot bulb holder is included but has spades, so if it did fit the bulb-holder would need to be cut off the MGB sub-harnesses and spades soldered on:

Wipac WPS4700 fit the bowls being about 4" from the face of the lens to the ends of the bulb spades - bulbs and boot not included:

Bee's sealed beam on the left, Vee's H4 conversion centre, and Simon B's 1978 which he believes to be original on the right:

As well as the more pronounced dome on Bee's sealed beam compared to Vee what I had not noticed before is how much the inner frame that clamps the light unit protrudes from the outer trim on Bee compared to Vee. Simon's has much the same protrusion, plus the glass protrudes from the inner frame notably more than either Bee or Vee.

As mentioned above I cracked the lens on one of Vee's and had to get a replacement from Moss, which fortunately has the same lens pattern. However it wasn't until installing it that I realised just how 'misty' the reflectors/back of the lens had become, and will now have to replace the other. If anything the difference by eye is even greater:

Other one replaced:

Moss do four versions - RHD and LHD, and one without pilot for CB and one with pilot for RB (as above) so keep your eyes open. They also do kits for converting both headlamps from sealed-beam to halogen, again RHD and LHD, without and with pilot.