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It may help if I explain that applications to transfer to Historic tax class can not be made until 01/04/2015.

Currently the taxation class Historic Vehicle applies to any vehicle constructed before 1st January 1975.
Legislation has been introduced via the Finance Bill 2014 to exempt vehicles manufactured prior to 1 Jan 1975 from the payment of vehicle tax.  This came into force on 1 April 2015.
Legislation was also introduced to exempt vehicles manufactured prior to 1 Jan 1975 from the payment of vehicle tax. This will come into force on 1 April 2015. The intention from HM Treasury is to introduce a legislative clause every year so that vehicles manufactured 40 years ago will become exempt from vehicle tax.
When your vehicle is eligible for Historic tax you can apply in a person at a Post Office® that deals with vehicle tax. The V5C must show a date of registration prior to the eligible date.
The following documentation will need to be submitted:
• V5C Registration Certificate
• valid MOT Certificate (if applicable)
The keeper will need to write ‘Historic’ in the change to taxation class field in section 7 of the V5C and sign section 8.
An updated V5C will be returned within 4 weeks.
More information on the historic vehicles taxation class can be found on information leaflet INF34 Taxing Historic Vehicles.
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Vehicle tax or SORN can’t be passed on when a vehicle changes hands.

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