Swivel Axle Lubrication

Two straight nipples (52) in the swivel axle (49), and an angled one (61) in the king-pin. (Leyland Workshop Manual)

Between the upper and lower king-pin bushes there are two 'dust excluder' tubes - and upper (12) 1G4271 and a lower (9) 21B251, a spring (10) 2K8951, and two seals (11) 1G4217. The tubes and spring are available as a kit from some suppliers. (Leyland Parts Catalogue)

Rather than the two straight nipples being the same length as indicated in the top picture, the lower one is longer as shown here to clear the casting which bulges out nearby. Also shown is the two-part assembly of some angled nipples, although it appears that some might have the straight part pressed into the angled part.