May 2014 - Tawny owls in our garden

First sighting of an adult Tawny ...

... followed a day or so later by a young one in the same tree. This one moved around in the tree quite a bit, climbing around with it's beak and claws and fluttering it's wings. However it must have flown here as there were no signs of nesting earlier on.

Crow mobbing the adult in broad daylight, the adult drawing the crow away to a different tree. Other than occasions like this the adult rarely moved all day, keeping an eye on the young one from a distance.

The young one spent quite a lot of the day awake, moving about, and taking a great interest in what we were doing down below. How cute is this?

At other times it would wedge itself between a couple of branches for a snooze, this was right at the top of the tree which was blowing about quite a bit on a breezy day.

After a few days the young one had moved to a different tree a couple of gardens away and the adult was in our tree. It was then we say a second young flying across to join the other young one. From it's direction it must have flown several hundred yards.