Pansy, the time-share cat

'Timeshare' because officially she and her mother Daisy lived at a neighbour's house, but Pansy spent most of the day with us, just going back for meals, and doing what cats do outside overnight. We could go on holiday for a couple of weeks but before we could open the door on our return she was there on the step waiting to go up to her favourite sofa:

She loves to 'help' when I am working at the computer after sneaking in through the window:

With her mum Daisy on our shed roof:

She likes nothing more than a nice, warm V8 bonnet to curl up on:

Or some winter sun:

But don't think she is all cuddles:

They won't miss just one ...

Don't scratch ...

Sunday 6th January 2001. Sadly, Pansy had to be put to sleep today at the relatively young age of 12. She had advanced stomach cancer which was only discovered at Christmas.