Full length ramps

Ramps lowered, with high pre-ramps for driving on and off to park one of the cars. I subsequently redesigned these to make them longer, so that with one car on I can back the other up until the tyres touch the edge of the ramps, then I know I have a few inches clearance between the cars, and couple of inches between the front of the front car and the closed garage doors.

'Blunt' end raised on the towers, with low-profile pre-ramps.

Bee driven on and parked at a jaunty angle.

'Sharp' end raised and swinging legs dropped into position. These are held in the raised or lowered position with locking pins, which are pulled out against spring pressure from the outer edges of the ramp. Being close to the wall makes the one that side tricky to lower especially with a car in-situ as you have to lift the leg slightly with one hand to take the pressure off the pin, while pulling the pin back with the other hand. So I have attached a cord to the bottom of the leg, fastened to a nail further up the wall, so I can lift the leg with that while pulling the pin back.

The only slight problem is that the end you drive on from ends up slightly lower than the other end, which given the arrangement of my garage and reversing the cars onto the ramps means the front of the car ends up slightly lower than the front. Not sure why, but it caused me problems the first time I needed to bleed clutch and brakes until I raised the front of the car by an additional amount. Additional plinths for the swinging legs are a possibility.

There are also two cross pieces that sit on top of the ramps under the axles, which can be used for jacking under an axle for wheel removal. However these are fixed width and shaped to slot between the ramps, so need to be shortened (with suitable welding and strengthening) for this spacing of the ramps.