by Herb Adler 5243 3409

OK, so I got a bit paranoid about rust up in the mudguards, and other areas where mud could accumulate. So I invested in these thingys, Moss calls them “front wheel liner sets”. Lets just call them wheel arches.

Well they arrived after about 6 weeks on back order. So to install them. They came supplied with 4 humungous screws and washers per side. Internet wisdom said DO NOT USE these screws, they are ugly. Luckily I have oodles of small stainless self tappers, so I used those instead. Installation consisted of jacking up the front of the car, removing the wheels, and with a pressure washer thoroughly cleaning the mudguards and surrounds, before fitting.

To fit, according to the instructions, you use a length of flattened Z shaped plastic strip, which respectively clips over the edge of the wheel arch and then the other half is hooked on to the lip of the 'guard. Screws are then drilled for and screwed in. As the photo shows, I used masking tape to hold it all in place, whilst the screws were being inserted. I started screwing from the middle out, so that it would all be even.

Now that they are fitted I can rest easy, knowing that one source of rust has been thwarted.

About a week after fitting, I came across an article, on the internet, that had a better way of fitting. Using a piece of edge trim over the wheel arch edge, fit the arch to the inside of the ‘guard lip and fasten with screws, through the lip and into the metal of the trim. A much neater looking finish. Ah well, one day I might try it.