Steering Column Cowl

The single-stalk cowl - much shorter:

The halves split top and bottom either side of the stalk and the screws easily accessed from underneath:

RB and V8 cowl - longer extending under the dash and binnacle:

Two easily accessed screws on one side holding the two halves together:

And two more one from each half into brackets on the column, but these two are shrouded by the dash and binnacle:

One of the two column brackets:

'A' - lower cowl brackets; 'B' - mounting points; 'C' - cut-out for steering lock:

Cowl positioning: Typical alignment between cowl and wheel of a Mk2 with single column stalk. The cowl 'floats' in that one half screws to the other, so it needs to be positioned along the column and rotationally to allow the column switch to operate without rubbing on the cowl. The positioning of the switch on the column outer determines how close the cowl is to the wheel - there is a flange that should fit inside a recess on the wheel, but the wider part of the cowl should nut rub on the wheel.

Rubber-bumper cowls are screwed to brackets on the column, and fit round the stalks and ignition switch, so the positioning is 'fixed'.