Extended Shackles

Two sets of shackles, each cut closer to one pin than the other

Closing plates attached, ready for welding, ends cut to a 'V'

'V' grooves filled with weld then ground flat

Fitted to car, showing the correct angle i.e. the bottom pin slightly aft of the top pin

Difference on car. I forgot to take a 'before' picture so had to crop and resize a general photo taken much earlier

By February 2017 (some 14 years and 25k later) they have dropped maybe an inch. Still OK as far as bottoming and grounding goes (except for below!), but does rub the arches with enthusiastic cornering on 170-width tyres when touring fully laden. Ironically four years ago we moved house to an area I had always avoided like the plague as it is littered with road humps. Now I have anything from three to seven to cross no matter which way I go out or come back in. Most of them are concrete 'pillows' that are so high I either have to drive between them, or crawl over them with one wheel in the gutter, as tackling them straight on grounds the exhaust badly on both cars.