July 23rd - Turbary Woods Owl and Birds of Prey Sanctuary, Preston

Hawk Owl, rare by all accounts

8 week Tawny

Short-eared, guarding its dinner

Little Owl

Spectacled Owl - 'Harry', named after Harry Worth (you would have to be a certain age ...)

Urals Owl


Spotted Eagle-Owls - what the one on the left was thinking I can't imagine ...

Female Merlin in a bit of a flap

Red-tailed Hawk?

Great Grey ...

... stretching its wings before the flying display

Milky Eagle Owl

Snowy (and no Johnny, you can't have one like Harry)

American Kestrel

Boreal or Tengmalm's Owl

Peregrine Falcon

Kookaburra, a long way from home

Goshawk, very rare to see

Kestrel. This little chap kept trying to fly off but getting pulled up short by its tether, I think I'd rather see them loose in an enclosure where they know they can't get out, than in the open air and trying like he was.

Great Grey

Owls are very short sighted, fly to the glove when they can see the food, but when they get there they can't see it at all and have to hunt around for it by feel. You would be paying about 50 to be flying birds like this at most other sanctuaries.


Pleased with this Barn Owl, with my auto-focus compact it's easy to get the background clear and the foreground blurred.