Unusual MG Images

Andy Preston's 67 roadster featured on the cover of the official magazine of the MG Car Club Germany in 2012

Two featuring the TD of Dave Dubois, of SU Fuel Pumps fame -
Shadow on the Highway:

...and Reflections in a silver eye:

Ecologically sound:

Black Tulips 2015

An MGB GT door as art - 'Shot To Hell' by Dustin Schuler

Not an MG (a Ford Falcon I understand) but unusual enough for inclusion. Dave Dubois who supplied the 'shadow' and 'reflection' images tells me it is somewhere on Highway 99 through the San Joaquin Valley (now called the Central Valley) from Bakersfield north to Sacramento, an area through which John Steinbeck's 'Grapes of Wrath' migrants passed.

Black Tulips 2017, a roadside in Hockley Heath

May 2018: "Up, up in the air ..." On top of a ramp in Halfords, assisting with Bee's MOT.

For the MG owner who has ... no taste or decency

Some random Pinterest images:

Paddy Hopkirk on the Targa Florio 'cocking a leg' ...

Snap! (Wipe that spinner hammer ...)

A random bottle of Rose fizz

Now that's an enthusiast!

Heading to the docks

Well, not quite ...