V8 Rear Spring Change

Right rear wheel way back in the arch ...

... compared to the left rear.

Broken main leaf, the gap showing the other leaves and hence the axle has slipped back by about an inch.

Rear shackle almost fully extended backwards, but at least it prevented the axle moving back any further and hitting the back of the arch, with who knows what damage.

Broken spring removed from the car showing the gap between the broken halves and how the spring has slipped through the clips.

New (left) and old shackle bushes, showing the very much thicker flange (and increased overall length) of the new item.

Shackle squeezed in a small sash cramp before the lock-washers could be fitted and nuts started.

Springs fully fitted and weight on the wheels, showing a decent curve in the rebound strap, and about 3 1/2" between the top of the bump-stop pedestal and the bump-rubber.

Even with rubber bumper V8 springs, which are the hardest on any MGB, the shackle is still pointing backwards slightly.

Comparing nearly new rubber bumper roadster springs with old V8. Front eyes lined up at one end ....

... shows the 'eye to eye' length about 1/2" longer on the old V8 spring (right).

This is caused by the shape of the old V8 spring having become slightly triangular rather than a smooth curve (V8 spring behind) ...

... as well as having lost about 1/2" of free arch. Still, surprisingly little change for what are almost certainly original springs having done 197,000 miles.