August 3rd - VSCC Prescott

It certainly can - one driver having a very narrow escape

Stunning collection of pre-war cars in the Orchard, and these were just the spectators

Bugatti 'enclave' at the bottom of the paddock

Now that's what you call a barn find!

At the tyre shop

Mike Tebbutt's (kind supplier of our tickets) Donnet

Part of the paddock

Several Edwardian monsters, some with aero engines up to 20 litres!

Stutz Bearcat. Tried to get a photo of under the bonnet after his run but couldn't get near it for people

Approaching the bridge, passing Orchard car park

The short course and entry to Pardon hairpin

Outrageous Napier Bentley of 24 Litres

Pardon hairpin, much steeper and tighter than it looks here

Mike's Donnet, got very close to his handicap time on both his runs

The Esses