Steering Wheel Removal

You can use a two-leg puller on the slotted wheel (1973 models up to July 73), maybe on the previous wheel with the 'finger-trapping' holes if the inner hole is big enough, less likely if at all on earlier and later wheels. But even though this wheel has been off several times I was surprised how many turns of the bolt were needed to crack the taper.

For the 77 and later wheel the Leyland Workshop Manual shows a puller comprising a triangular plate with three broad hooks that curl round behind the central part of the wheel about an inch or more. The 'hooks' on generic pullers are usually much shallower and would only pull on the edges of the wheel, maybe ripping the plastic covering off:

Swapping the mid-era wheel like-for-like you can simply undo the six bolts under the horn-push (Ray Longsheds)

Some buckling, possibly due to the push-pull method of removal in the past (Ray Longsheds)

What lies under the foam/faux-leather covering (DIY Wood Steering Wheel)