Completed struts, looking along the horizontal section towards the vertical section.

Side view, showing the vertical angles.

Fitted and clearing the tonneau cover ...

... following the vertical and horizontal alignment of the hood frame ...

... slotting into tonneau/hardtop sockets AHH8391 ...

... which can be installed with either of the folding frames.

Cheese head screw acting as a locking peg.


Two vertical bars to reduce flapping and bowing and maintain the height.

B&Q steel bar and tubing to replace the fractured alloy struts

Original tongue (so as to keep the locking peg) and section of horizontal strip pushed into the end of the larger diameter tubing.

Bar, smaller tubing and larger tubing welded together, and a bracket for the lower bungee.

Bracket for the upper bungee.

Mk2 using Ikea fabric

Detail of the slit tubing slid over the uprights trapping the ends of the material

From the rear view mirror - Moiré patterning due to the double layer

Tubes and struts painted satin black

General view, looking very neat

Small convex mirror (an old blind-spot mirror) mounted just above the original

Mounting bracket cut and shaped to clip onto the existing mirror ...

... in such a way that even though it is a blind-spot mirror thicker one side than the other, it faces straight back the same as the existing mirror.

Blind-spot mirror replaced with a standard rear view mirror, giving just enough additional view over the windstop without having to adjust it between windstop up and hood up.

More importantly being the same size and flat rather than convex you don't have to adjust your focus when switching between the two.

Rips developing where the internal wire supports are:

But not much effort to replace the fabric: