Screen Washer

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Two single nozzles on roadsters to 1977: (Moss Europe)

One dual nozzle on GTs to 1977: (Moss Europe)

Two black plastic nozzles on all cars from 1978: (Moss Europe)


A one-way valve is essential with the manual pump as otherwise the water runs back to the bottle as fast as you pump. Less so with the electric as pumping is continuous, but at least one valve is still provided at the bottle and maybe another in-line one at the nozzles:

On Bee's bottle valve the valve flaps are visible so if there is a filter it must be behind those which would makes no sense:

Moss Europe indicates they only included a filter from June 73 with the change from the bottle to the bag:

In-line valve. Parts Catalogue says "13H6501 (was BHA4610)" but does not indicate where it was used, Moss Europe says "GWW504 GT":

Convert manual to electric by Dave Birkby

I tried to open the old pump to see if I could salvage it but I inevitably damaged the end doing so. Shame maybe because the problem was corrosion in the pump main bore that was simply jamming the plunger in the 'in' position. But as my plan was to fit an electric pump, I ordered a kit online which consisted of pipe, joiners, nozzle jets and a small momentary push switch, smaller diameter than the hole in the dash:

I found a washer in my tool box that had a 12mm inner hole (to take the switch) and 28mm diameter which fitted in the bore of the old pump:

With the bore cleaned up I put the original plunger back in and dropped the new switch in behind it:

I didnít want any 'noticeable' feeling of a gap between the two switches so I put a small light spring to keep the plunger out but not operate the new switch:

I cut the body down to within about 5mm of the steel washer and then cut tabs out of the body to hold the switch in. I bent the tabs over which worked well and I have since finished it off with a foam washer:

It feels decent to operate and touches the new one within about 5-6 mm of movement and returns nicely. And it looks like it did before.