CB Front Indicator/Park Lamp

Pre-1969 model year wing: (Moss Europe)

1969 model year wing - MGB roadster 158371 (Sep 68); MGB GT 158231 (Nov 68); MGC roadster 4266 (Oct 68); MGB GT 4236 (Nov 68): (Moss Europe)

Note that Moss show the stud holes in the Mk2 wing in the wrong places for the light unit on the left-hand wing (inset), presumably because they used the right-hand image and flipped it for the other wing. This really puzzled me for a while as BMH do the same for their left and right hand wings. This picture of Bee during her repaint shows that the stud holes are NOT mirror images even though the rest of the wing is - the lower stud hole is on the outside of the left-hand wing and the inside of the right-hand wing:

Dave O'Neil's original light unit:

BHA4966 which is the only one listed in the Leyland Parts Catalogue and the usual suppliers: (Paul Depper MGs)

A new unit without fixing studs: Dave O'Neil)

Holes drilled and squared-off to match the early wing: (Dave O'Neil)

Studs pressed out of his old light-unit and into this one: (Dave O'Neil)