LHD Production V8

For completeness the LHD production V8s. Interestingly David Knowles in "MG V8 - 21 years on" indicates that only three of the seven cars produced were sent to America. All returned, and all seven were located in Switzerland, Holland and Germany when the book was produced in 1994. All pictures from the book.

The first pre-production car (and so the first ever MGB GT V8), GD2D2-100G. There was one other LHD pre-production V8 - GD2D2-98G, owned by Lyle York in the USA in 1994. Pre-production cars counted downwards from 100, production cars from 101 upwards.

"The first and the last" pictured together at the 1992 MG Car Club Silverstone weekend. However it is this registration number that is given in David Knowles book, not the one above.

Car No. 101

Car No. 102

Car No. 109

Car No. 110

An oddity this. HUD577N was built as a RHD pre-production car No. 97, and is still RHD, but has left-parking wipers for some reason. Better visibility for the driver when they are not being used? How about when they are being used? Who knows?