Hazard Warning Schematics
Hover over a wire to confirm the colour

Note 1: Tin-dash cars seem to have a local earth from the physical mounting of the bulb-holder in the bracket. American padded-dash, all V8s and rubber bumper cars have a wired earth to the bulb holder as they are mounted in plastic panels.

Note 2: Originally the fuse - like the flasher unit, was behind the console and hence inaccessible. At some point it moved to under the fusebox - possibly with rubber bumpers although the V8 remained behind the console, possibly with 1977 models. At the same time the flasher unit moved to behind the dash by the indicator flasher.

Note 3: Rubber bumper cars have a single orange lensed light unit in the bumper with a wired earth to the main harness with the headlamp earth. RHD cars have a single filament bulb which is for the indicators/hazards only, North American spec have a dual filament bulb for the parking lights as well as the indicators/hazards.

Hazard warning repeater (light-green/purple) on North American spec only.

For the 1977 model year on the switch was illuminated when the lights were on.