Engine/Gearbox Earth Strap

Chrome bumper round the carb-side front engine mount - under an engine front-plate nut and a chassis bracket nut (arrowed). (Mount stud nuts removed here for other work):

Note that the screws through the bracket and engine front-plate this side of the car are countersunk and the nuts are stiff-nuts. The top one is completely covered by the rubber mount so you may need to lift the engine and remove the rubber mount to be able to hold the screw whilst removing/refitting the nut. The lower one is out past the rubber mount so may be accessible, which may be why the Bee's strap is under the lower nut. Because of the shape of the engine (there is more space between the block and the off-side engine mount) the mount bracket is the other way round so standard bolts heads are accessible. The Parts Catalogue shows stiff-nuts on all four.

Rubber bumper round a gearbox mount, using a mount to gearbox bolt and mount stud to crossmember nut: