Pre-engaged Starter (attached solenoid), 12v Coil (chrome bumper 68-on, not V8)
Hover over a wire to confirm the colour

Note 1: 1968 and 1969 cars had the pre-engaged starter but no starter relay, the White/Red went direct to the solenoid.

Note 2: There is a bullet connector in the white/red (direct to the solenoid or to the starter relay as appropriate) on all cars where the transmission safety switch/starter inhibitor wires would be connected when the automatic gearbox is fitted, see here for more info on the combined inhibitor and reversing light switch.

Note 3: 1973 and 1974 North American cars with the Sequential Seat-belt System (aka 'bum detector') have the white/red connected to pin 1 of the control unit and a Yellow/Pink from pin 3 of the control unit to the starter relay.