Wipers - MkI GT single-speed, round-bodied motor
Hover over a wire to confirm the colour

Diagram and notes corrected May 2008 following information gratefully received from Niels Hansen.

  1. This shows the later parking arrangement, but I have received information from another source that their 67 GT single-speed round-bodied motor uses the earlier parking arrangement.
  2. The black at the motor is used for parking only, the green at the motor is used for running and parking.
  3. Earth/ground at the manual switch is connected to red/light-green for running.
  4. Earth/ground from the motor via the park switch, black/green, manual switch, and red/light-green to the motor is for parking.
  5. The roadster main harness is used with the green, black and black/green wires at the manual switch. At the motor an adapter harness is used with a 4-pin plug for the motor, with short green, black and black/green tails terminated with male spades to connect to the main harness at the motor, and a long red/light-green tail with a female spade to connect to the manual switch. Niels's photo of this adapter harness is shown below.
  6. The Mk2 motor can be used to replace the original Mk1 GT motor as it is 'plug compatible', although only the slow speed will be available unless other changes are made.