Exhaust System


CB box tucked up beside the tank, it and its tail-pipe pointing straight back:

RB box lower than the tank to clear the axle, so has to be angled upwards to reach the mounting point, which also means the tail-pipe has to be angled downwards relative to the box (and ends-up angled slightly downwards relative to the ground. The rear hanger is also deeper:

Both systems are stainless with Bee's older than Vee's, but you wouldn't know it from Vee's, maybe because for some years she was our daily driver in all weathers including a lot of winter salt.

Stainless-steel exhausts can be magnetic:


V8 manifold and Y-pipe:
Local authority 'sign affix' stainless bolts are a good fit for the original-style clamp brackets, almost certainly these from Trade Signz Manufacturing.

The stainless nut and bolt came undone easily, and peeling the clamp off the pipe showed significant corrosion, so probably stretched and come loose. Temporarily replaced with a 1 7/8" conventional U-clamp (which unlike the originals can be fitted without parting the pipes) pending a proper job later on. It might be tempting to use these permanently, but the two arms of the 'Y' are so close together the two clamps would have to be staggered, meaning one would be partly off the end of the 'Y' and the other too close to the end of the split, so neither would clamp properly.

However Clive Wheatley is now showing this type in stainless, 3.60 inc VAT each complete.

Even better, with the screw backed right off they spring apart and can be fitted round the pipes in-situ, unlike the original type where the main exhaust pipe has to be pulled back to get the Y-connector off the down-pipes so the clamp can be slid over the open end.

Multi-part assembly comprising the parts listed below. I've also welded a tab to the U-strap on both cars so I can clamp it and the pipe together, without that they fidgeted and squeaked. Some systems do have the U-strap welded to the pipe:

Main hanger: (Leacy Classics)

Heat-proof fibre bushes: (NTG Motor Services)

Housing for bushes: (NTG Motor Services)

U-strap: (Leacy Classics)

Plus sundry nuts, bolts and washers.

The early one-piece clamp (GEX 7275) used up to chassis number 167815 in Feb 69. This uses a metal-rubber-metal bonded sandwich very similar to the middle mount. However if the bonding on either rear or middle mount should fail a lot more stress is placed on the other bonded hanger. If that fails as well the exhaust will almost certainly drag on the ground. I've read that the rear hanger has two set-screws going through the sandwich, but it's not apparent from this picture: (Leacy Classics).

The earlier type from Ben Colomb:

Later six-piece 'saddle-clamp' system (GEX 7201 CB/GEX 7442 RB, 7202, 2-off 7252, 2-off 7251). This is 'fail-safe' in that if both the bonded 'cotton reel' mounts should fail the exhaust is still supported in the same position, although it is likely to move around a little more in use. I've had both fail on the V8 and didn't know anything about it until I was working in that area and noticed it. The Parts Catalogue shows GEX7201 with no chassis number information just "use prior to GEX7442" which normally means the part was changed rather than there being different versions for CB and RB. However both types are available and suppliers do differentiate between CB and RB, RB being longer:

Several suppliers show heat insulation washers AHC442 for the saddle-clamp type, although not in all the kits. When they are listed by themselves the quantity is shown as 4, but logically only two are needed - between the rubber mount and saddle-bracket bolted to the clamps around the tail-pipe itself (arrowed above): (Rimmers ... other colours are available ...

To me the later CB clamp is much neater than the early version with the clamp bolt underneath the tailpipe:

The RB version exposes more of the bracketry, but given how much the bumper protrudes it just isn't noticeable. So much so that I hadn't realised how skewed Vee's was until looking at this picture - caused by one of the hanger screws shearing in the body bracket when first fitting this system 24 years ago, and redrilling and tapping wandered off. I'll have to remove it and redrill the hanger to get it to line up: