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MGF and Advertising Heritage

Current MGF copy referencing original Midget and MGB ads. Unfortunately neither of the originals seem to be available from Vintage Ad Gallery in their own right.

My daughter found this postcard at her gym in a rack with a number of others (not MG or even cars) for people to help themselves - it is even printed "Not for sale" on the back.

There has been a series of Post Office adverts on TV for some time now where someone finds a little something somewhere and sends it to someone they know who collects things like that and the punch line is "I saw this and I thought of you". My daughter gave me the postcard and on the back she has written (bet you can guess) "I saw this and I thought of you". Isn't she a darling?

No. 2 in the series "Daughter goes to the gym". I believe there is a third one possibly the Red Setter?

Then years later just browsing I came across this on The MGF Archive, one of six also collected from health club/gyms.

It was only in November 2011 that I discovered The British Motor Museum at Gaydon have their own set of images available though Motorgraphs (235 MG images), including this one from 1976 which the MGF postcard is obviously recreating. Get the moustache!

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