Wiper Parking

Showing the furthest extent of the blades from the parked position - totally inadequate for clearing the view in front of the driver if they parked on the passenger side i.e. it were a LHD. GTs always seem to have parked on the drivers side, having a 115 degree sweep angle before 1969, and 115 degrees after:

Ditto for my 73 roadster, which always had a 105 degrees sweep angle:

The taller GT screen needs a longer arm and blade, but to avoid going off the sides the spindles are closer together. This also has the effect of reducing the unswept area in the middle. North American safety regulations required the addition of a third blade in the middle which also reduced the unswept area on the roadster from the start of the 1969 model year, the Jaguar E-type was similarly afflicted. These 1971 (left) and 1977 examples from Clausager also show them parking in front of the passenger:

Parked positions - the 1964 from Clausager:

My 73 roadster. I remember choosing to increase the 'kink' at the top of the arm to make the blades lie flat across the bottom of the screen, as it came to me they were more like the 64 from Clausager above:

My 75 V8 - came to me lying flat against the bottom of the screen: