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Updated November 2008: Get a Birth Certificate for your B (and other MG models and marques). Direct from The British Motor Museum, price (at last time of checking) is £40 and should be with you in less than 28 days. There are extra charges for searches on engine/body number if the chassis number is not available. There is also an expanded version with technical specification for £68, and if you just want a dating letter e.g. to change its taxation class to Historic and be eligible for free UK Road Tax that is £21. Note dating letters are longer accepted by the DVLA.
Also see British Motor Heritage Ltd. for OE shells, panels and other parts. MGs mail list Learn all about the role and Frank Zappa play in owning an MG. Two versions are available - 'real time' and the digest. The last time I used the digest it arrived a day or two later than the 'real-time' messages would have, and the messages were in date/time order making it awkward to follow and contribute to threads. However the digest means that if you only access your mailbox once a week, you only get five messages instead of five hundred! (Those were the days, probably only get about 70 per month now. (Did I say 70 per month? More like one per month now)). The Yahoo MG-MGB list seems to have replaced it, but even that doesn't generate anywhere near as much as in its heyday.
The Team.Net MG Mail List and MGB V8 Mail List archives - Retrieve past pronouncements on all MG topics under the sun, rather than asking "Why don't my indicators work?" or "What does mean?"

The most important MG site on the Internet

The MG Web Ring originally set up by Ben Russet.

The original MG club ...

... and its V8 Register

The MGB Register of the Car Club

The largest one-make car club in the world

The square-riggers club

Marc Feig's site specialising in early MGBs

Klaus Scheuer's site

for his roadster Emma

MGs in the Movies and TV. Hate the term 'movies' when British people in Britain are talking about films (and particularly when it's a British film), but it does alliterate quite well. 3340 entries including 736 MGB, 173 MGB GT and 4 V8. Also a few here.
Steve Baker MG

A true enthusiast, even though he is now trading commercially, so well worth including here.

MG Car Club Northern Transvaal, South Africa

The North American MGB Register

British Car Cottage Industries

Devoted to enthusiasts who have developed items for British cars not normally available from commercial sources, by Barrie Robinson of Canada.

Scions Of Lucas

Rendez-vous des Anglaises is the British car club located on the east coast of Canada in the Province of Québec.

The Victoria (British Columbia Canada) MG Club purveyors of that fine 1999 MG calendar that is now a valued part of my archive. The calendar came to me via Larry Unger in Woodbridge, Virginia as a barter for a water pump pulley I had located for him in the UK.

Kentucky club site with newsletter, events, discussion board ...

Skye Poier's Historic MGB Race Results

Erm, an automotive web site for geeks?

Paul Tegler's MGB colours - codes and examples


Neil Cairns' Parts Suppliers list, mainly UK

'British V8' online magazine

Not MG but not a million miles away either. Just a friendly link-swap.

Classic MGs photo archive from Rick Jones, who has two other sites at Classic Wheels and OldClassicCar

Austin Memories

Commemorating Longbridge and the cars made there. Primarily Austin, with some MG

Car Acronyms, surprisingly 'Mostly Garaged' isn't in this or any of the other sites I looked at.

Tidewater MG Classics of Norfolk, Virginia, including the award-winning 'Dipstick' newsletter.

By special request from Rachel Martin of Learning Haven in Upstate New York, for Jack who loves motorcycles. Best wishes - there is no upper or lower age limit for enthusiasm.


Commercial links:

Parts finder for MG and others Motorcycle, ATV, UTV parts
Dealers for MG Motor and new MGs

Car Guy Garage - Garage Cabinets, Storage, Flooring, Accessories, Lighting and Decor

Services and advice for the young car driver

Trailer and garage cabinets and accessories

Vintage, veteran and classic electrics components

Lancaster Classic Car Insurance

Hopefully not needed for your MG
But in any event there are a number of rules that need to be followed to protect yourself and the environment, and can help others.

Sussex MG Car Parts

Sussex Classic Car Parts sells parts for MGs, Midgets, MGBs, MGFs, Austin Healeys and Sprites.

John Twist's University Motors site

Lawrie Alexander's British Sportscar Center in Sacremento, Northern Fornicalia

Tends to be more 'techy' than the MGOC mag (Enjoying MG), which tends to be more 'clubby'

MG Motor, successor to MG Rover

The British Motor Museum Gaydon - the No. 1 LBC museum by far.

Beaulieu, pronounced "BEWly" i.e. with the emphasis on the first syllable only

Haynes - the author of all those auto manuals

Unipart Parts Direct. "Thousands of parts for millions of cars" - service and repair. From the Magnette to the MGF

The Automotive and Motorcycle restorers first shop for specialist tools and equipment. With over a thousand items, products can be purchased securely online or by telephone or fax.

SU fuel systems - Australia

SU and Zenith fuel systems - UK

Parts Suppliers Prices

K&N Filters - Filter Facts, cleaning etc.

K&N Europe - includes worldwide dealer list

Hundreds of 'MG' collectibles on eBay, and most of them are Octagonal

Swattons Sports Cars
MG Specialists in Swindon, UK

R&S Coachbuilts of London supply and fit complete kits or replacement parts for the original (that is, aftermarket) Webasto folding roof.


Moss Motors - Europe at the top and USA at the bottom, with free snail-mail and on-line (USA only) catalogues. Also their Moss Motoring on-line magazine.

Fancy having a stained glass window of your MG?


Some sources of classic car hire in the UK and elsewhere:

The Getaway Driver Choose from MG, Jaguar, Aston Martin and many others in various parts of the UK
Porsche and RV8 hire in Devon
UK-wide Guild of classic car hirers
Bespokes, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire
Tunbridge Wells, on the Kent/Sussex border
Cornwall Classic Car Hire incorporating Devon Classic Car Hire, Bude, Cornwall
Clackmannanshire, Scotland (between Edinburgh and Glasgow!)
Self Drive Classics 01889 504040 MGB, Midget, Healey etc. in the Lichfield, Staffordshire area
Historic motoring relived, Scottish Borders.
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.
Vintage Classics, Wiltshire.
Classic Motoring, Cotswolds.
And finally ... ... a link to an MG Enthusiasts news item on MG hire.


Start them young, get them a classic pedal or electric car:

Premier Pedal Cars Generic classics including a hot-rod, fire engine and pick-up
'Brum' the children's favourite, Comet racer, Chevy 55, tow truck, fire engine, police car, Ferrari 50s F2 racer
Links to UK pedal car sites


And last but not least my favourite parts suppliers:

 Clive Wheatley. Clive specialises in V8s both factory and conversions, but can also supply parts and services for all MGBs. He has an agent in Washington DC who can deal with the transport and currency issues for North American customers, or he will deal direct. Although Clive has a web site and email I would advise you to contact him by telephone. Clive can now be contacted at:
Clive Wheatley
High Grosvenor Workshops
WV15 5PN
Phone +44 (0)1746 710810
(Fax +44 (0)1746 710999)

Quite local to me in Brum and a huge stock as well as a good online store with many items photographed.

Solved a long-standing wheel wobble problem on the V8 with their highly specialised 'Road Force Measurement' machine which uses precision stud hole adapters rather than the centre hole.

Good rates (only 5% increase for 2011 whereas the AA indicates many providers are increasing rates by 20% or more) for both classic and modern, efficient courteous service, a months notice of renewal rate to give you plenty of time to look around, and finally a sensible approach to agreed value revaluations. In this last aspect I had had the roadster with another broker for very many years, and they always insisted on a 'professional' valuation every couple of years. This wasn't too bad when I could get it done locally by a classic repairer for a bung to his tea-club, but he eventually closed down. The broker wouldn't accept my photos and valuation, but they would accept a valuation from another insurance company if I sent my photos to them - ridiculous! By contrast for cars like the MGB Footman James will accept the owners photos and valuation, and what's more have just extended the interval from 2 years to 4.