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From the original 1985 AR Design brochure. Mid-engined, 3 Litre 6R4 engine producing 250bhp, 0-60 in under 5 seconds and 170 mph

MG EX-E. It could have been ...

Displayed very imaginatively at Gaydon when we were there for the 60th anniversary of the MGB (and Bee's 50th birthday) on 25th September 2022.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: 21st April 1926 – 8th September 2022

"And now for something a bit different ..." several 4x4 MGBs

Notable Views: July 2014

Online classic car videos from Classic Car TV. Includes an MGB Overview and MGB Buyers Guide as well as features on other many other marques and topics.

BMH videos showing the manufacture of bodyshells, doors and wings.

Promotional video for the Laycock overdrive.

MG Advertising

Posters: A to Y Z & MGA Montage Midget MGB Metro 6R4 Postcards: MG Mini Austin Land Rover Triumph Morgan Ford
Splat! MGB GT V8 MGF and Advertising Heritage MG ZR, ZS & ZT 2002 MG XPower SV MG vs BMW
The sectioned MGB at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon

It was finding a stand at a recent classic car show selling posters and postcards based on period MG adverts that led me to build this site in the first place, and the company concerned was kind enough to send me thumbnails of their LBC (Little British Car) collection. Surprisingly, "You can do it in an MG" isn't amongst them, but both it and "Your mother wouldn't like it" (with a nod to the different generation) have been resurrected in a current MGF campaign.

Don't forget that the copyright for all of this material is owned by someone - The British Motor Museum in the case of MG, Austin, Morris etc. images - and the rights to the reproductions of the posters and postcards shown here are owned by the supplier as follows:

New address!

   Vintage Ad Gallery Limited
   5 Parkwood Road
   London SW19 7AQ
   Phone: (+44) (0) 20 3274 4000
   Fax: (+44) (0) 20 3274 4001

(i.e. if you are outside the UK dial your international access code, then '44' for the UK, then area code 1372, then the number.)

In November 1998 the price of the A3 (16.5in x 11.75in approx.) posters was UKP5.99 inclusive of post and packing, and the postcards (6in x 4in approx.) were 50p each plus 26p postage. (Postage to outside the UK may be extra).

I have no connection with either The British Motor Museum or Vintage Ad Gallery. My sole reason for displaying these images on this non-profit making site is so that you too can purchase and enjoy them. Remember that the images are scans of thumbnails with consequent loss of detail. Also the postcard thumbnails were printed on a budget inkjet printer and consequently colour fidelity is quite poor. Take it from me that the posters and postcards themselves are of high resolution and true colour.

For interest you might like to read this essay written by Laura, a student at The University of Nottingham on "semiotic analysis of period and current MG advertisements", and published by The Cambridge & District MGOC on the MG BBS.

More LBC ads at Old Classic Car.

MG images frequently crop up in greetings cards, and for Christmas 1998 our daughter found us one which came with this envelope. The image is faint as it was little more than a watermark on the envelope. Recognise the car? (It's 'Old Number 1', Kimber's Land's End Trial Gold Medal winner).

These classic and modern Grand Prix posters and postcards are from my own collection:

More posters, vintage and modern, with some cars (and Guinness!)

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MG Brochures from 1924 on at Phil Seed's 'Virtual Car Museum'.

Hundreds of MG gifts from Etsy