Plenty of sunny weather in Feb and March so both Bee and Vee getting plenty of local use. Late March early April the three cars get serviced and a look over, round and under. The only things of note were the handbrake lever boots on Bee breaking up - very common these days, so I get two pairs expecting Vee's to be much the same but they were fine. What I did spot on Vee is the near-side track-rod end dust-cover not seated correctly at it's large end and its blue retainer spring a bit buckled. While trying to reseat that (gave up) I notice it had a hole in it, so after some faffing about ordered a pair of the covers. Some time ago someone gave a source for silicone rubber versions, but looking at those they were quite a bit bigger than the ones on Vee, particularly the distance between the small end and the large end. The closest I could get off the same supplier (in Bulgaria!) were still slightly big in that dimension but closer in the others, and in polyurethane. There are other suppliers but also quite a bit bigger and in rubber, so I'll see how I get on with the poly ones. Springs not supplied, the large retaining spring is actually flat rather than round wire, but I manage to tease that back into shape and refit the existing cover pending arrival of the replacements.

January 1st: Skies grey but roads dry and salt-free for our New Years Day walk, so get Vee out. Off the drive and ... mizzle spots on the windscreen! Oh well, never mind. It mizzled on and off all the time we were out and I needed the wipers on the way back, so she needed leathering down before going back in the garage. Only did as far down as the bright trim strips as I could see the wheels and the sills had picked up a film of dirt, that can stay for a wash in warmer weather. Frost forecast for the next five days, and there was some salt around next day, so they'll be parked up for a while now.