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July 2018

  • If you need convincing how important it is to listen to your car, with all your senses, then this may convince you.
  • Webbing-style axle rebound straps currently available from Moss Europe, much cheaper than having them shipped from America. Current MGOC rubber straps split the first time they were asked to take the weight of the axle, despite signs of reinforcing.
  • Gear lever gaiter issues, and Vee dropping out of overdrive on the overrun.

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December 2015

  • Screen vents, and how they connect to the heater.
  • Factory rear fog lights on 1980 models.
  • Fuel gauge senders: One version was used for just a few months from October 64 to March 65 and is either unobtainable or costs 180 for a Jaguar version. The earlier Jaeger sender screw-attached sender fits the tank but reverses the operation of the gauge, but that can be corrected by the use of a commercially available electronic module, details here.

November 2015

  • An update to changing the Taxation class to Historic (for free road tax) and the use of 'black and white' number plates. However there is conflicting information from the DVLA on whether all applications have to be done via Swansea, or only those where the first registration date is not in the same year as the date of manufacture, and whether insurance and MOT documents have to be sent or not.
  • Detail on how the dashboard heat controls differ between chrome bumper and rubber bumper.

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January 2014

  • A possible protection against your battery cable shorting to the body and destroying the car, by fitting a fused battery connector.
  • Information on bad electrical connections has been expanded, and diagnosing them and the use of multi-meters and test-lamps has been added to the Electrical section at Fault Diagnosis.
  • An explanation of inrush currents, and how they damage switches - particularly modern brake-light switches, and also cause the visibly longer illumination time of incandescent lights compared to LED lights.
  • All PDFs updated.
  • A history lesson on the whys and wherefores of positive and negative earth systems in cars.
  • Check your nuts! A warning for those contemplating or having recently bought stainless wheel nuts.

December 2013

  • Two relatively new programmable ignition modules.
  • Another update on ethanol in UK fuel. 95 octane can change to E10 without the pump being labelled from the end of this year. There is a government proposal repeat proposal, to make it a legal requirement for Super Unleaded to be restricted to E5 until the end of 2016.

November 2013

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January 2013

November 2012

  • Replacing the badly faded bonnet badge on the ZS.
  • After making some changes for Chris Mottram I've rewritten my dynamo to alternator conversion notes.
  • For a long time I've wondered whether it would be possible to build a test rig for the thermal instrument voltage stabiliser, to measure it's actual average voltage output. Then someone said his gauges were reading low, and the same with a replacement stabiliser, and wondered what he could do about it. Which prodded me into producing this.
  • Another little job, replacing the ratty tailgate prop covers on Vee.
  • Vee's clutch slave is weeping, so time for another replacement.
  • Fed up with (not of!) being unable to easily find the emissions limits on the MOT web sites, I added them to mine.

October 2012

September 2012

August 2012

Crikey, doesn't time fly!

May 2012

April 2012

March 2012

  • Additional MOT tests have been advisory from 1st Jan 2012, but will be failures from 1st April. Not all the new ones are applicable to classic MGs.

February 2012

  • Mid-Feb moved house - less bedrooms, more garaging (room for both MGBs, work bench and work space plus loads of racking), plus an octagonal paved area in the back garden and the second part of the Postcode contains my initials :o)
  • Updated information about wiper motor speeds, parking and switches.

January 2012

December 2011

November 2011

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May 2011

(Late) April 2011

   Where have I been? Helping daughter and son-in-law with a major refurb on a house.

February 2011

January 2011

December 2010

  • All PDFs updated, plus one on buying and others experiences of restoration and running added.

November 2010

October 2010

September 2010

August 2010

July 2010

June 2010

  • Changed the site structure to remove frames, which seem to have gone out of favour, having noticed that Chrome (for example) handles them in a completely different way to IE8. This should enable users to save individual pages to Favourites as well as me being able to publish links direct to chapters here and elsewhere. I've also added floating navigation buttons to the main section pages.

May 2010

  • Coil polarity and how to determine it, of particular interest when converting a car from positive earth to negative earth, see Ignition.
  • Information on chassis number plates, see Body.
  • Clutch pedal return spring breakage, see Clutch.

April 2010

March 2010

February 2010

"Wot, no updates?"

Too busy touring Australia :o)

January 2010

  • Wheel Specifications at Wheels and Tyres.
  • A number of options for mounting centre-lock wheels correctly on computer balancing machines, see Wheels and Tyres.
  • A tool for removing centre-lock grease caps in front hubs, see Steering and Suspension.
  • A note on one-wire alternators, see Electrics.
  • Information on clutch master types, and a warning on one of them, see Clutch.
  • 7-blade plastic fan orientation, see Cooling.
  • Details of how hardtops attach - Body.
  • Current SU Burlen fuel pumps seem to be dual polarity despite the 'AZX' part numbers, see Fuel.
  • Dunlop or Dayton wire wheels? See Wheels and Tyres.
  • Oil throwers face different ways on different engines, see Engine.

December 2009

  • Adjusting the fan belt at Cooling.
  • Info on SU fuel pump venting at Fuel.
  • Some thoughts on coil polarity at Ignition.
  • Information on curing excessive oil consumption through the breather using a different type of front tappet chest cover at Engine.
  • Information on testing and diagnosis of fuel pump problems at Fuel.
  • A dissertation on body numbers at Body.
  • More information on aligning prop-shaft components at Propshaft.

November 2009

October 2009

September 2009

August 2009

July 2009

June 2009

May 2009

April 2009

  • Replaced the link cable with the correct armoured type, see Electrics.
  • How to get UK MOT status and history of a vehicle you are considering purchasing, see Registrations.
  • Following a question on a mailing list about the correct orientation of the yokes on the prop-shaft (Haynes has two drawings showing them in different alignments but only one is correct) I decided to repeat the information shown in the factory workshop manual, which is much clearer, see Propshaft. However while doing so I realised that while both sources emphasise the prop-shaft must be refitted to the gearbox and axle flanges as before which is good practice but not really necessary if the prop-shaft is correctly balanced, neither states the importance of keeping all four yokes in correct alignment, which will affect balance. This is also covered.
  • Information on earthing of chrome bumper number plate lights has been added, see Electrics.
  • Seat belt information updated, see Body.
  • Added some information on hoses, see Cooling.

March 2009

  • After wondering what condition Vee's bearings and crank are like after about 80k in my ownership and 200k overall I finally gear myself up to investigate them, see Engine.
  • The section on relays has been expanded, more info on original rectangular and cylindrical types as well as after-market types, see Electrics.
  • Coming up to Spring service time, and having read so much confusing information on engine oils and ZDDP, I decide to investigate.

February 2009

  • The trials and tribulations of the ZS Variable Intake System. Oil from the crankcase breather can get into the unit, cause the butterflies to jam, which breaks the linkages and burns out the motors. Although my VIS system appears to be working I do have some oil in the throttle body, so first step is to fit an oil trap/filter to prevent that, see ZS Bits.
  • Added information on the various water pump types over the years, see Cooling.

January 2009

  • I've added some photos and further description about the heater unit and its controls, see Heater.
  • Another 'ins and outs' funnily enough, this time the direction of oil flow through the V8 oil pump, see Engine.
  • The 'ins and outs' of the clutch slave cylinder, see Clutch.
  • Added some information on relative capacities of 6v and 12v batteries, and 12v batteries for use in a 6v space. See Electrics and 'Batteries and Charging' and scroll down to the update.

December 2008

  • Found a photo in Clausager that clearly shows the heater 'cold air flap' having three open positions as both mine do, and not just two as everyone else seems to claim - Heater.
  • I've created a list of translations of many BL fastener parts from part numbers to description at Translate Fastener Part Numbers.
  • Fuel gauge and sender types over the years and markets has been added to Fuel Gauges.
  • A description of battery types - lead-acid, calcium, gel and advanced glass mat - and some of the benefits and pitfalls of each has been added to Electrics.
  • Slow cranking? Diagnose a bad engine earth strap from the drivers seat - see Electrics.
  • Information on replacing the automatic gearbox kickdown cable at Gearbox.

November 2008

  • Information on the electric temperature and oil pressure gauges at Electrics.
  • Some advice on where to install an aerial in the front wing at Body.

October 2008

  • An examination of wiper system part number changes and which side parking took place at Electrics.
  • Further information on spring rates and deflections has been added to Suspension.
  • An update on the arrangements for connecting the centre horn-push of 1970 and earlier cars has been added to Electrics.
  • Information has come to light regarding a change in date coding of Triplex glass in January 1969, see Miscellaneous.
  • Information on fuel pump fittings and mounting arrangements for both chrome and rubber bumper cars has been added to Fuel.
  • Information on electric cooling fan orientation and direction of rotation has been added to Cooling.

September 2008

  • Some thoughts on pinking and the possible differences between high compression on its audibility and damaging effects has been added to Ignition.
  • Information on the V8 distributor has been added to Ignition.
  • Information on radiator caps, and a lost-coolant recovery system has been added to Cooling.
  • More information on the correct orientation of the handbrake levers inside the drums has been added to Brakes. In brief, it looks like those on banjo axles are the other way round/up to those on Salisbury/tube axles, but the manuals and some web sites only show the banjo orientation. If Salisbury/tube axle levers are orientated as per the banjo levers it causes problems with handbrake operation.
  • Replacement of the wiper motor brushes, and a consequential problem. See Electrics.

August 2008

  • A description of the physical operation of the indicator/turn switch has been added to Electrics.
  • A comparison of distributor rotors, and an explanation of why some currently available items have a short life and how to spot and hence avoid them. See Ignition.

July 2008

  • Is your folded hood/top too high to get the tonneau sticks and/or tonneau/hood cover fastened? If so have a look at Body.
  • I've added some information on steering column and rack alignment to Steering & Suspension.
  • Information on orientation of the handbrake levers inside the rear drums and potential problems with replacement levers has been added to Brakes.
  • Pictures of the effect of a later roadster screen glass in an earlier have been added to Body and Fittings.

June 2008

  • The perils of getting air filter gaskets and/or filter bases upside down, Fuel.
  • How cleaning up caliper pistons changed strongly pulling to one side under only normal braking and an MOT failure, to only very slightly pulling under heavy braking and an MOT pass with the expenditure of only a couple of hours effort, Brakes.
  • Added description and pictures of UK 78 (HIF) carb return springs to Fuel.
  • Changed the clutch on a friends 78, read the full gory story in Clutch and 'Clutch Change'.
  • Following a question on just how the curious 4-cylinder chrome bumper choke works (it has a fixed inner and a moving outer), I've added a section to Fuel and 'Choke Control' on the carb end of this type.
  • Information on SU carb ports added following someone's problems of overflow and the possibility it was reverse connection of fuel supply and vent ports, easily confused on HIF types, see Fuel.

May 2008

  • Information on relay types used in the MGB over the years, and replacing them with modern items, see Electrics.
  • Replacing broken wire-wheel spokes, see Wheels.
  • Information on replacing an original inertia starter on Mk1 positive earth/ground cars with a modern geared or hi-torque unit has been added, see Electrics.
  • Information on the internals of the wheel-centre horn push added, see Electrics.

April 2008

  • Information on the various crankcase ventilation systems has been added to Engines
  • An observation on tyre pressures has been added to Wheels and Tyres.
  • Hard on the heels of reports on the BBS of problems with clutch release bearings a fellow owner had one fail. The problem bearings seem to have the carbon ring pinned into the casting, instead of being bonded as previously. More information at Clutch.
  • More information on throttle cable fitting and pedal travel setting has been added to Fuel.
  • Information on changing the oils in the rear axle and gearbox/overdrive, see Rear Axle or Gearbox.

March 2008

  • Fitting a battery cut-off switch, see Electrics.
  • A greatly expanded Events section now containing over 1200 MG and other classic events world-wide.
  • More information on speedo drive gear ratios added to Miscellaneous.

February 2008

January 2008

  • Vacuum advance module internals, see Ignition.
  • Thermostats and coolant temperature - see Cooling.
  • Some comments on lowering rubber bumper cars added to Steering and Suspension.
  • Opinion has it that originally overdrive wasn't a very popular option on MGBs in North America. To see just how big the difference was between North America and the rest of the world see Gearbox.
  • Following a discussion with another owner on rust protection and drainage, I have added a section on the sills, see Body.
  • Added a section on distributor internals, see Ignition.

November 2007

  • More information on the boot/hatch lock and getting in when it fails or you lose the key.

October 2007

  • Converting 16AC Alternator with Separate Regulator to Later Alternator with Integral Regulator. See Electrics.
  • A physical diagram of the D-type relay and vacuum switch interconnections to the remainder of the circuit has been added to the page with the schematic, see here.
  • Details on correct orientation of the 4-fuse fusebox, see 'Electrics'.
  • The fitting of a 6-blade metal fan to a UK 72 car, in preference to an additional electric fan, for continental touring. See Cooling.

September 2007

  • Information about prop-shaft dimensions added. See Propshaft.
  • Steering wheels, cancelling the indicators/turn signals, and what to do with after-market wheels on 77model year and later cars. See Steering and Suspension.
  • Updated the section on replacing front springs. See Steering and Suspension.
  • Temperature gauges - how the earlier numerically calibrated compare with the later 'C-N-H' type, and how the senders for the electrical types vary resistance with temperature. See Cooling.
  • Rocker covers, and oil leaks from them.
  • Fuel filters: Should they be full of fuel? See Fuel.
  • Schematic and amended description for converting from Dynamo to Alternator, see Electrics.

August 2007

  • Fitted a cut-down mud-flap to each front wheel arch to prevent stoned being flicked up and chipping the edges of the body kit. See ZS Bits.
  • Some ponderings on mechanical cooling fans their closeness (or otherwise) to the engine and radiator. Mine seems the wrong way round but the correct way round would be likely to hit engine parts and be a long way from the radiator. See Cooling. Also sealing round the radiator with the rubber and foam seals.
  • Changed the V8 rear springs following the breakage on the Snowdon Run. Half-expected to get the same problems that so many others seem to report with new springs being too arched/hard, but no. See Steering and Suspension.
  • Pictures and description added for the later two-speed wiper motor connector block and park switch. See Electrics.

4th July 2007

  • After lusting after a ZS 180 since their launch in 2001, a late 2004 face-lift 4-door in blue comes to the attention of a relative in the trade and becomes mine today. This one really does have my name on it, the three last letters of the registration are my initials - albeit in reverse order.

July 2007

  • Head gasket replacement on a Midget 1500, see Midget Bits

June 2007

  • My Supercar driving experience in a Lamborghini Gallardo, Jaguar XK 4.2, Aston Martin DB9, Porsche 997 Carrera, and Ferrari 550 Maranello!

May 2007

  • After 17 years with Bee and 14 of Vee having no problem removing the rear axle level plugs, this year I could not remove Vee's, so made an adapter for my socket set. See 'Rear Axle'.
  • "How the heck do I get to that aerial mounted in the front wing?", see 'Body'.
  • The trials and tribulation of the V8 tubular manifolds and gaskets, see 'Engine'.

April 2007

  • Description and schematics of the four types of seat-belt warning systems at 'Electrics'.
  • Description and schematics of the four types of brake balance and handbrake warning circuits at 'Brakes'.

January 2007

  • A list of tach reference numbers by year, chassis number and market at 'Electrics'.
  • Greatly expanded and updated listing of Amazon products. Includes new pages for T-series and earlier, Magnettes, Metro, Maestro, and Montego, ZR, ZS, and ZT, general MG items, and new sections for audio/visual, toys and miscellaneous items including parts. See 'Bookcase'.
  • Ditto for Bugatti and F1 and Le Mans.
  • Puzzled by terminal numbering on modern relays, flasher units etc? See 'Electrics'.

December 2006

  • Updated the section on SU carb linkages to include information on return springs. See 'Fuel'.
  • A description and images of the manual choke control and 'failure to lock' problems. See 'Fuel'.
  • Scans of original paint charts.
  • For a description and images of the back of the two different types of current-operated tachometers see 'Electrics'.
  • A brief explanation of octane ratings and how they differ from country to country has been added to 'Fuel'.
  • An explanation of a typical column mounted dip-switch has been added to 'Electrics'.
  • A description of the different distributor drive gears on the V8, and driving the oil pump from a drill to build up oil pressure after engine work. See 'Ignition'.

November 2006

  • Pictures and an expanded description of the fuel gauge tank sender added to 'Fuel'.
  • Photos of the internals of a fuel gauge showing how the calibration adjustments affect the pointer added to 'Electrics'.
  • Comparison of LED and incandescent instrument lighting added to 'Electrics'.
  • Description and images of the panel light rheostat added to 'Electrics'.
  • Torque values for the factory V8 and other Rover v8 engines added to 'Miscellaneous'.

October 2006

  • More information on OD and TCSA wiring and the mysterious TCSA micro-switch. See 'Overdrive Electrics'.

September 2006

  • A comparison on carb and manifold vacuum sources, showing that any distributor can be used with either. See 'Ignition'.

May 2006

  • Created a section on the starter motor including narrative on model variations, mechanical problems, modern geared starters, and including the previously published schematics and narrative on jump-starting.

April 2006

  • A very simple way of supporting the GT spare wheel cover while getting tools and stuff in and out of the storage spaces underneath. See Body.
  • Going back from telescopic Spax to lever-arms. See Steering & Suspension.

March 2006

  • Anyone tried Tesco 99 octane with 5% Bio Ethanol yet? See Fuel.
  • Schematics for single- and dual-speed heater fans added at 'Electrics' under 'Schematics' and 'Heater Fan'.

February 2006

  • Make your own rear brake cylinder E-clip fitting tool, see 'Brakes'.

January 2006

  • Having responded to a question on a bulletin board and a personal email about lubrication of leaf springs I've added a section to 'Steering and Suspension'.
  • Ditto on adjusting wing and door mirrors, see 'Body'.

December 2005

  • Having responded to a question on the mailing list about how the SU carb works I've added a description and some simplified diagrams to the section on setting them up. See 'Fuel'.

November 2005

  • Now it's winter and I have time to do one of those 'when I can get a round tuit' jobs I have changed the distributor curve graphs so that those for the 4-cylinder engine are now all to the same horizontal and vertical scales, and the thumbnails on the main page are miniatures of the main graph. This allows you to see at a glance from the main page how two curves compare. See 'Ignition'.

September 2005

  • Looks like there may be fourth variation of wiper motor and electrics on early GTs, info added to 'Electrics'.

July 2005

  • Added some pictures to the section of folding the roadster hood/top at 'Body'.

June 2005

  • Replacing accelerator cable, pedal box seals in 'Fuel System'.

May 2005

  • Replacing seat webbing, see 'Body'.

April 2005

  • Added a section on converting from dynamo to alternator in 'Electrics'.

December 2004

  • There have occasionally been questions about how ignition switches are wired, especially when changing them and the original connections have been lost, so I have created a set of these at 'Electrics'.
  • I have also shown how to add a brake light switch relay as there seem to be a lot of examples of premature failure of replacement switches. See 'Brakes'.

October 2004

  • Following recent additional information on the wiring of electric cooling fans for both 4-cylinder cars and V8s I have updated the schematics and notes in 'Electrics' under 'Schematics' and 'Electric Cooling Fans'.
  • Also added information on how to add a relay to the 4-cylinder circuit in 'Electrics' under 'Schematics' and 'Electric Cooling Fans'.

September 2004

  • Had the roadster screen crack on the Lincolnshire Lanes run last month, and the fun of getting it replaced can be seen on the 'Body' page under 'Roadster Screen'.
  • As the problem of water getting into the cabin from a blocked air intake drain crops up quite frequently, and we are approaching autumn, I've added some images of how to locate and clear the drain on the 'Heater' page under 'Air Box'.

12th August 2004

  • Not spent much time here lately, just bits and pieces, but I have added more classic car hire sites and a new section for children's pedal and electric cars on the 'MG Links' page, near the bottom.

19th March 2004

  • A comment on whether to use resistor-type spark plugs or not has been added to the 'Ignition System'.

23rd February 2004

  • Speedo serial numbers and applications on the now show TPMs as supplied by a company specialising in the restoration of original instruments and the production of bespoke instruments.

11th February 2004

7th January 2004

  • Speedo serial numbers and applications on the gauges page.
  • The new UK Car Tax and SORN (Statuary Off-Road Notice) rules on the Registrations page.

15th December 2003

  • The good news and bad news of my experiences with the Ron Hopkinson front and rear anti-roll bars at Steering and Suspension.
  • Faulting the electronic tachometer at Electrics.

1st December 2003

  • A major new section on the heater and its foibles at Heater.
  • Tightening and slackening exhaust clamps can be a bit of a chore having to get two spanners in there, one to undo the nut and the other to hold the bolt still. The special bolts described in Engine allow one-handed tightening.

21st November 2003

  • Handbrake cables stretch over time and this is compensated for by the adjuster nut where the cable joins the handbrake lever. But eventually you can run out of adjustment and it is a pity to scrap the cable if it is otherwise sound. A shortener is described in Brakes.

6th November 2003

  • After having two V8 vacuum capsules fail because of petrol contamination, and replacing them at great expense, I fabricated a separation chamber in an attempt to stop fuel running down the pipe from the carb. See 'V8 Vacuum Capsule' in Ignition.

17th October 2003

29th September 2003

  • Replacing front and rear wing quarter-panels aka sill cover panels in Body and Fittings.
  • Refurbishing V8 alloy wheels in Wheels.

26th August 2003

  • The placement and securing of two curious bits of carpet for the boot/hatch area has been added to the Body and Fittings page.

4th August 2003

30th July 2003

  • Fabricating and fitting longer shackles for the rear springs, and more information on correct (and incorrect) ride height, has been added to the 'Steering and Suspension' page under 'Ride Height'.

1st July 2003

  • Differences between D and LH overdrives including a schematic and description of the D-type vacuum switch and relay have been added to the 'Gearbox' page, and schematics of all types have been added to the 'Electrics' page under 'Schematics'.

27th June 2003

  • Differences between early and later fuel gauges have been added to the 'Electrics' page under 'Gauges'.
  • A description of the brake test diode and the problems it causes has been added to the 'Electrics' page under 'Wont Start'.
  • Electrical diagnosis of the overdrive has been added to the 'Gearbox' page.
  • Some additions to the torque values on the 'Miscellaneous' page.

21st May 2003

  • A description and link to a schematic of the electric screen washer on the 'Electrics' page.

18th May 2003

  • The Mark II version of the overdrive sequencer on the 'Gearbox' page.
  • Relays and fuses for uprated headlamps under 'Lighting' on the 'Electrics' page.
  • Torque values on the 'Miscellaneous' page.

9th May 2003

  • Gold Seal engine equivalents added to the 'Engine' page.

7th May 2003

  • Following an email from someone considering purchasing an MGB and asking my advice I have put their questions and my responses here.

28th April 2003

  • The V8 gets a top-end rebuild, see the 'Engine' page.
  • Year and model information added to the Paint Colours section on the 'Body' page.

14th February 2003

All on the 'Electrics' page:
  • An opinion on whether to stick with twin-6v batteries in your chrome bumper or change to a single 12v and the use of plastic battery boxes, and how to connect a battery charger.
  • Advice on jump-starting.
  • A louder audible warning for the indicators.

17th January 2003

  • Added detailed tables of wiring changes over the years. See 'Wiring Colours and Fuses' on the 'Electrics' page.

4th January 2003

  • Adding a relay to the Heated Rear window, which simultaneously improves its performance as well as stopping it from making the indicators flash slower. See 'Heated Rear Window' on the 'Electrics' page.
  • More links added to the Miscellaneous page on: the UK MOT; servo overhaul; tach repair and upgrade; distributor reference and tuning, look for the flash.

1st January 2003

  • As a result of a faulty distributor cap on the V8 I got some unusual indications on a timing light, see 'Timing Lights' on Ignition.

31st December 2002

  • Three upcoming changes to obtaining replacement number plates and Tax Discs on the Registrations page.

13th December 2002

14th November 2002

  • As the Spanners section has been completely restructured all the old links below have been changed to take you to the top of the relevant section rather than to the item itself. A link to the item should appear in the list at the top of the section.

22nd October 2002

  • The MG XPower SV is announced at the Birmingham Motor Show.

29th August 2002

19th February 2002

23rd December 2001

12th November 2001

  • More information on running-on including a description and schematic of the North American system.

2nd July 2001

5th April 2001

24th March 2001

23rd March 2001

  • Paint chips - see the original BMC/BL colours and compare them.
  • The Christening of our first grandchild, Jessica Megan, at the Church her Mum was Christened at 25 years ago and in the same gown as the previous four generations, now 115 years old.

10th March 2001

1st March 2001

28th February 2001

  • The naming of the new MG saloons, and announcing the MG Sports Estate, on 'Whither MG' (deleted).

12th February 2001

  • Added front and rear spring specifications, height and weight info to the 'Ride Height' page.

1st February 2001

  • Lots of info about new models from MG Rover in 'Whither MG?' (deleted).

28th January 2001

7th January 2001

  • Added Mike Jones' 64 Roadster to the 'Ride Height' page, making 24 cars in all from 1963 to 1979.
  • More pictures of Stalag 383 from Ian Martin.

23rd November 2000

  • Announcement of the MG X10 from MG Rover (subsequently part of the Z-series).

8th November 2000

22nd October 2000

  • Unashamedly non-LBC, the birth of our first grandchild, Jessica Megan.

9th October 2000

28th September 2000

29th August 2000

28th August 2000

11th August 2000

  • Added Lars-Erik Kallstrom's 79 Roadster to the ride height page.

8th August 2000

31st May 2000

16th May 2000

17th March 2000

  • Following the news that BMW has dumped Rover and MG I have added a page of links to news items covering particularly MG (deleted).

8th March 2000

  • Still more information on Unleaded.
  • Links to other sites with technical information added to each section.

21st February 2000

27th January 2000

  • Another update to the Unleaded information, including two new additives, advice from the Automobile Association and the locations of UK filling stations selling 4-star leaded - yes, the good old stuff.
  • Schematics for electric cooling fans.

22nd January 2000

  • An expanded description of ignition theory, with more information on the purpose and effects of the distributor capacitor or condenser, including graphs of LT and HT voltage waveforms showing the effects of the capacitor.

14th January 2000

12th January 2000

  • A comparison of British and American terminology.
  • An excellent site-search facility hosted by FreeFind (no connection blah blah financial or otherwise blah blah I just like it). You could have the same search facility on your own site in just a few minutes.

4th January 2000

11th December 1999

8th December 1999

6th December 1999

  • Schematics for circuits in the 'Electrics' section including ignition, starting, gauges, indicators and hazard warning signals, others will be added in the future. The availability of a schematic is indicated by this graphic: .

22nd November 1999

  • The theory and practice of the Ignition Warning Light, including general charging issues, and the special conditions that apply to late cars equipped with the ignition relay.

29th October 1999

  • Updated information and a warning on unleaded information now that 4-star leaded has started to disappear from forecourts.
  • Lots of history for 'Bee' and 'Vee' added.

3rd October 1999

  • Advance curve information for the 40943 Special Tuning distributor from John in Australia.

9th September 1999

16th August 1999

13th August 1999

  • Use the Site Map option on the main side-bar to help you see what is where.

6th August 1999

  • Get an EMail notification of when this page changes, i.e. when some new feature has been added or an existing one changed. Enter your EMail above and click the 'Mind-it' button.

21st July 1999

  • A link to "Cars And Stuff", a superb site packed with factual information on speed cameras (or not), engine oils, snakeoils etc. plus humour - "motorway mayhem", daft place names, car modifications we could do without.
  • Following a question on the MG BBS, what will hopefully become a growing resource on Ride Height.
  • Revamped book sections for MG, Bugatti, Formula 1 and Dunkirk

28th June 1999

  • On my Registrations page, UK-style plates for North American cars.
  • An Index facility to help you find that techy bit that you are sure you have read but just can't find. Update - now deleted, use the Search option instead.

17th June 1999

  • Engine mounts. A particular issue concerning V8s - it is possible to position the mounts incorrectly which alters the location of the engine and causes problems with the crankshaft pulley rubbing on the anti-roll bar, the sump resting on the front crossmember and wearing through, and also re-fitting the gearbox crossmember. Also contains advice on replacing the rubber mounts used in V8s and the later four-cylinder cars.

14th June 1999

8th June 1999

3rd June 1999

27th April 1999

  • Run out of MG stuff to buy your SO? Well at least wrap that nice pair of socks in some MG wrapping paper from Morris Manor Collectibles. Also greetings cards, models, art representing many classic British "Trains, Planes and Automobiles".

26th April 1999

  • Information on the first four petrol Lead Replacement products to be given a degree of approval by FBHVC/MIRA in the UK.
  • Fixing electric gauges.
  • A link to the K&N Filters UK site, which unlike the USA site contains details of suppliers worldwide.
  • A link to the Autodata Publications site who sell a booklet that claims to have information on what modifications each type of engine requires to run on unleaded - Unleaded Petrol Information Manual, Ref. 89-1630, at UKP7.50.

1st April 1999

16th March 1999

13th March 1999

It seems that Explorer can cope with back and fore slashes in URLs but Netscape can't. Hopefully all images should be viewable on Netscape now.

10th March 1999

Well, this page is, for a start.
The following "Hammer and Spanner" sections have had detail added: